NT Photobooths F.A.Q.

Answers to your commonly asked questions

No. Mostly we set up the photobooth during the day, while nobody is around. When everything is perfect we go on our merry way. Our friendly photobooth attendant will come back for the hours of operation to switch the photobooth on and help your MC to let the guests know it’s ready to party.

Sometimes the adults forget to put the props back for the other guests to have a turn. Our friendly photobooth attendant always does a prop count at the end of the night, usually if something is missing it will be found lying around somewhere and easily recoverable! On the rare occassions that a prop item is nowhere to be found we will charge for the missing prop item, but only at cost price.

Yes! After we take the photobooth back to headquarters at the end of your event, we send you a download link to all of the photos that were taken on the night.

If we know the paper is running low, we send our photobooth attendant along with a fresh box to refill the photobooth with. This will give you about 2 minutes of photobooth downtime (our photobooth attendants are paper-changing ninjas), and we usually build in a little extra hire time to accommodate this.

Photobooths are fantastic additions to all memorable events. We commonly operate at Christmas parties, birthdays, weddings, gala balls, corporate functions, promotional events, community events, school graduations and dress-up days (pre-school through to year 12!), university open days and exhibition trade shows.

You get an unlimited amount of photo prints during your hire. So the quicker your guests pile in, the more photos you will squeeze into your hire time. Don’t worry, our friendly photobooth attendant will help anyone who doesn’t know how to operate the photobooth, so they don’t hold up the line!

Our photobooths comfortably seat 3 adults. But you can squeeze up to 6 people in for a very fun photo! Other photobooth rental companies may fit 12 people in front of their cameras, but we don’t think this is value for money because their photobooth still only prints 2 identical photostrips, and how do you share that with 12 people? Also, when compiling a guest album, our photobooths show faces on a one-inch photostrip. When there’s 12 people in a one-inch photo, how can you even see their expressions?

Our photobooth can easily go anywhere there is disabled access. This means both public venues and private residences. If your venue is upstairs (there are a few in Darwin) without a lift, please talk to us, as we may be able to arrange extra man-power to get the photobooth where you want it.

Our photobooth requires standard residential power, and uses less electricity than a plasma TV! We provide our own tested-and-tagged extension leads and power boards where necessary. We are set-up ninjas and know most of Territory’s venues and their power outlets, and can sneak an extension lead where you will never see.

Yes we are! We are a fully insured and ASIC registered company.

The staff that we place on under 18 events and school events all strictly hold an ochre card. Please contact us in advance of your event if you require a scanned copy.

Yes we do! However it is company policy that for an event to be eligible for sponsorship, it must directly involve children who can play within the walls of the photobooth.

Fun photobooth facts

We love our job and that makes all the difference

K’s travelled to events
Hours spent playing inside a photobooth
Cups of coffee sipped
Photos snapped